Our Story

As a small business owner and the father of 6 kids, Jody Amour knows firsthand just how busy weeks can get throughout the year.

Owning and operating Farm to Fork Gourmet, a family run gourmet catering company in Holden Massachusetts, led to many conversations in the community around busy non-stop lifestyles and the ability to eat fresh, wholesome food on a consistent basis.

Also, as word got out about Farm to Fork Gourmet, he noticed the demand for the people wanting to experience their food without having to plan or attend a catered event.

How could everyone be able to enjoy Farm to Fork Gourmet’s handcrafted, fresh, wholesome food in the comfort of their own homes?

The answer was simple... and Craft Dinners was born.

With real, fresh ingredients from local farms and establishments, customers can order online and enjoy handcrafted meals every Wednesday without having to do any of the work.

Just order your Craft Dinner online, pick it up in store, and bring home to enjoy at your own convenience.

It really is as simple as that! No more taking time to prep a healthy wholesome meal, cook it, and clean up afterwards on a tight schedule.

Craft Dinners provides a wholesome and fresh dining experience in the comfort of your own home like no other.

So, get your Wednesdays back. Order Craft Dinners today and taste the difference!